A ruler! what?? you did not ask me its meaning? ok never mind Archon admin template is bunch of useful jquery plugins with top notch design or lets just say a good design are completely packed for you with the HTML5 and CSS3 front end awesome framework called Bootstrap. Well its not just bootstrap its a Bootstrap 3, yeah that really matters.
Yeah more than 35 useful jQuery plugins. well they are useful if you use it I am sure you will use most of them and if you dont want to use them just remove it , my theme still works.
I am using a Zendesk ticket based system, well if you dont know about Zendesk its a big and easy ticket system for support. I pay for it so please use it , lets make it worth. Place a ticket and myself or my team will reply you in less than 12 hours. or if I am stuck in the middle of the pacific ocean give me 6 more hours, hope thats ok.
Everything you need to quick start on your dashboard site or front end site. what? you just need dashboard? ok thats fine but I will give you a front end template also free. Please note that its seperate from dashboard so you can seperate them easily. Nothing more complex
what did you really check the item page ? yeah this is second update released in less than 20 days. I am filing the gaps if anything found in the admin template.what? you see gaps still? omg I know it you are freaking awesome, please can you share that with me? sure it can be a secret between us but I am going to add it for the next release , hope thats ok.
oops really!! I know that I am dumb one. Sorry to miss that but can you please let me know it on my contact page? hell yeah I am going to solve it for you.