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    If you think you are missing any feature on cascade admin template, I can help you with that. Please feel free to post your request , I will try to add in the next update. Thanks

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    I was about to purchase this template on theme forest http://themeforest.net/item/the-vira-searchable-tooltip-menu-admin-dashboard/full_screen_preview/6186942

    but there was an issue when I went to buy it, and before I checked out I saw your cascade template and fell in love.
    The tour feature is what really sold me, but the whole UI is fantastic.

    The one thing I really need for my web app to function is an element similar to the “send me” box in the Vira template (in the link above, element is next to the calendar element and under the chat box.)

    Is there any way you could add something like this to Cascade? If so it would be much appreciated, I could pay extra if necessary.

    Also, is there any reason you don’t share the PSD files?


    Pat McDonald

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      @patmcd I have sent you a email to your email id, we can take up from there. thanks for representing my hard work

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